I’m inspired by my coastal New England roots and handcrafted in Manchester England.

I’m Lindy! I’m originally from the US, but I’ve been living in England since 2005. I made the move with my English boyfriend (now husband) after his work was transferred back to the UK. When I’m not elbow deep in clay, I love to spend time with my husband Simon, my daughter Esme and my mad cockapoo Dedalus Diggle (Diggs).

What is it with me and pottery?  I started working with ceramics seriously in late 2016 and took the leap (eek!) to go full time in December 2018. From the moment my hands first touched a lump of clay, it was pure love. I was filled with wonder to realise what a spectacular variety of objects a single lump of clay can be shaped into. I remain every bit as passionate about making beautiful objects as I was the first time I plunged my hands into the clay. I want to create pieces that make people smile – and knowing I have the ability to do that means that all the stress, hustle and uncertainty that comes from being a full-time artist feels worthwhile. With the world in turmoil due to COVID-19, that uncertainty has been even more intense. But it has also brought me some unexpected opportunities. It’s been a wheely, wheely strange time…

I find mugs and cups to be very personal objects – and for such a long time, I resisted making them. It was too much pressure to get them right! If you’re anything like me, the mug you grab for that morning cup of coffee is special. It feels right in your hands. It’s soothing and comforting. You get more than a little annoyed if someone else uses your mug, because other mugs just don’t feel the same. During the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020 – when the country, and in fact the whole world were shut down and we were all stuck at home – I decided to pass the time perfecting my wheel throwing skills and getting to grips with my mug making phobia. I practiced at the wheel every day, for hours. Amidst all the chaos and sadness and complexity I have also been grateful for the time to hone my skill. And if I can let you in on a secret? My phobia of making mugs has turned into a passion. I love making them. And I want to share that love. I want my mug to be the one you reach for every morning. What a turnaround.